What To Expect During Your Hospital Stay
For Lumbar Discectomy Surgery


  • Admit to Ambulatory Services.
  • Meet the Anesthesiologist prior to surgery.
  • Dr. Kissel will contact your family via cell or main lobby when your surgery is complete.
  • Post anesthesia recovery room 1-2 hours (no visitors).
  • Family visitation once patient has been moved to hospital room.



  • Antibiotics for a total of 24 hours.
  • Pain medications may be either injections or pills.
  • Begin ambulation with assistance of nursing staff. Most likely on the day of surgery.
  • Diet: most people resume diet within a few hours.
  • Physical therapist for home instructions.
  • Discharge home after most surgeries.

Please contact the office with any questions: (805) 544-4455.