Phillip Kissel, M.D.

Scientific Presentations:

I. Digital Angiographic Quantification of Blood Flow Dynamics
in Embolic Stroke Treated with Tissue-Type Plasminogen
Activator. Kissel P, Chehrazi B, Siebert JA, Wagner FC.

Slide Presentation: American Heart Association 59th Scientific
Sessions; Dallas, Texas; November 18, 1986.

Poster Presentation: Twelfth International Joint Conference on
Stroke and Cerebral Circulation; Tampa, Florida; Feb. 17, 1987.

Poster Presentation; American Association of Neurological
Surgeons Annual Meeting; Dallas, Texas; May 6, 1987.
II. Tissue Plasminogen Activator in Embolic Stroke; Angiographic
Analysis of Cerebral Blood Flow and Parenchymal Perfusion.
Kissel P, Chehrazi B, Seibert JA, Wagner FC.

Slide Presentation: Twenty-fourth Annual Meeting of The
Federation of Western Societies of Neurological Science;
San Diego, California; April 1, 1987.

Poster Presentation: University of California Davis; Sixth
Annual Biomedical Research Symposium; Sacramento,
California; October 27, 1987.
III. Post-Traumatic Anterior Cervical Osteophyte; Surgical Report
and Literature Review. Kissel P, Youmans JR.

Poster Presentation: Sixth Annual Meeting of The Joint Section
on Disorders of The Spine and Peripheral Nerves; American
Association of neurological Surgeons and Congress of
Neurological Surgeons; Captiva Island, Florida; Feb. 7, 1990.
IV. Vertebral Body Bone as Autologous Graft for Anterior Cervical
Fusion. Clinical outcome in 60 consecutive patients. Kissel P.

Poster Presentation: Tenth Annual Meeting of The Joint Section on
Disorders of The Spine and Peripheral Nerves. Fort Lauderdale,
Florida; Feb. 10, 1994.

Poster Presentation: American Association of neurological
Surgeons; Annual Meeting; San Diego, California; April 12, 1994
Phillip Kissel, MD

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