Phillip Kissel, M.D.

Medical Teaching Activities:

Pharmacy Department Sierra Vista Hospital
Thrombolytic Therapy in Stroke. Feb. 15, 1990.

Surgery Department Rounds at Sierra Vista Hospital
Intracranial Vascular Problems. April 13, 1990.

Critical Care Symposium at Sierra Vista Hospital.
Neurotrauma Lecture. April 27, 1990

University of California Medical Center in San Francisco,
Department of Neurological Surgery. Lecture and Lab
Instruction regarding The Williams Anterior Cervical Fusion
Technique. June 6, 1990.

Nursing Staff Lecture at Sierra Vista Hospital.
Hydrocephalus. Oct. 18, 1990.

San Luis Obispo City Wide Grand Rounds.
Pituitary Tumors. November 2, 1990.

Central Coast American Association of Critical Care
Nurses Symposium. Pituitary Tumor Management and
Bioethics Panel Discussion. March 8, 1991.

San Antonio Texas Spinal Surgeons. Lecture and Lab
Instruction Regarding The Williams Anterior Cervical Fusion
Technique. August 1991.

California Department of Highway Patrol. Public Awareness
Campaign. Lecture concerning helmets in motorcycle
injury. December 5, 1991.

Critical Care Lecture at Sierra Vista Hospital.
Transcranial Doppler Evaluation. July 30, 1992.

University of California Davis, Department of Neurological
Surgery: Grand Rounds. Management of Multiple Intracranial
Aneurysms. September 30, 1992.

Sierra Vista Nursing Staff Lecture. Pediatric Head Injury.
April 28, 1993.