Phillip Kissel, M.D.


Internal Medicine Department Lecture at Sierra Vista Hospital.
Thrombolytic Therapy: Intracranial Complications and
Applications. April 30, 1993.

Critical Care Symposium at Sierra Vista Hospital. Intracranial
Hemorrhage: Types and Treatments. May 14, 1993.

Arroyo Grande Hospital/Community Lecture.
Lumbar Spinal Problems: June 17, 1993.

California Polytechnic University Lecture. Statewide Coaches
Workshop. Head and Spine Injury Prevention. August 5, 1993.

French Hospital Surgical Update Symposium. What’s New
in Neurosurgery? September 17, 1993.

Sierra Vista Hospital Neuroscience Conference. Clinical
Applicability of Transcranial Doppler. November 30, 1993.

Osler Institute Course Instructor. Neurological Surgery
Review Seminar; Los Angeles, May 1995 & San Diego 1997.

University of California Davis, Department of Neurosurgery
Grand Rounds. Treatment of Spinal Coccidioidomycosis
Infections. October 4, 1995.

French & Sierra Vista Medical Center Nursing Lectures.
Management of Head Injury. Nov/Dec, 1998.

Brain Attack Conference at Sierra Vista Medical Center.
Clinical Management of Intracranial Hemorrhage. January 29, 1999.

Central Coast 1st Annual Neuroscience Conference; Shell Beach,
California. Physician Chairperson and Lecturer. April 28, 2000.

University of California Davis, Department of Neurological
Surgery: Grand Rounds. Anterior Cervical Fusion with Autogenous
Vertebral Body Bone Graft: Results in Single Level Surgery.
November 8, 2000.

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center Symposium. Diagnosis &
Management of Brain Tumors. January 30, 2003.

Thacher School. Neurobiology Lecture Series. February 2004 & 2005 and
April 2007.